Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dwarf babies are available now!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. For our last litter i chose to go with a "Big Apple" theme. All of these babies are Dwarfs! If they are listed as Mini then they will be the smallest (about 1/3 the size of standard sized rats). The others will be closer to 1/2 the size of standards. All are healthy, sweet as pie and will be ready to go starting this Friday the 7th. All dwarfs are priced the same ($50 each) regardless of size, color, fur or markings. A small bag of rat food will be going home with each pair. There is one little girl named Bleeker that has one slightly smaller eye (due to the DU gene/sometimes they come out that way). This doesnt affect her in any way and i have taken an extra picture so her full face so both eyes can be seen. Please contact me to let me know which babies you are interested in. As always, first to contact me gets first picks, second gets second picks and so on. If by chance you dont get a chance to adopt babies from this litter other litters will be born shortly at Kelly's home in Long Island, NY. Kelly will be taking over all inquiries after this litter is adopted. Thank you to all my adopters!

By the way all cages have been sold already!

Kindest regards, Tara